In 2020, more than 3 million Canadians have lost their jobs, with 5 million jobs affected overall. This has left many people in our community keen to increase their confidence in their careers, and has left employers looking for the best talent available.

Many of the people that have been part of our coworking community over the past 5 years are entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants, remote workers, and students either in the tech industry or your business or work relies on technology to operate.

We hear from many that they are keen to expand their knowledge in order to grow their business or career, or they are looking for the right talent to help them achieve their goals. Some may be looking for a career change since there have been layoffs and job loss during these uncertain times. 

A New Partnership

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce The Village Hive and Duncan Mill Hive are working with Lighthouse Labs to provide an opportunity for our members in the Markham and North York communities to have access to great resources and tools to help them grow their business or career. 

About Lighthouse Labs

Lighthouse Labs was launched in 2013 with the goal of finding innovative ways to train the next generation of tech talent. In an age of technological disruption across every industry, their mission is to give Canadians the skills they need to find long-lasting careers in a digital workforce. 

Seven years later, they’ve delivered hands-on tech education to more 30,000 Canadians, equipping them with the relevant tools to thrive in the future of work. With the support of a brilliant team of instructors and mentors, they continue to empower students, launch careers, and contribute to the incredible growth of Canada’s tech industry.

Benefits for Our Community

What does this mean for The Village Hive and Duncan Mill Hive communities?    

  • If you are looking to hire, you’ll get access to some of the best digital talent available.                                         
  • As an individual, you’ll get access to exclusive upskilling and reskilling educational discounts to help you advance in your career or grow your business or enhance your freelancing offerings. Find out more about their programs here.
  • Access to free events, workshops and content, made just for you.

Want to learn more? Find out more here.