Coworking is a global movement to create innovative, collaborative and community-driven workspaces that move beyond traditional work environments. Working from home as an entrepreneur, artist or independent worker can be isolating and lonely at times. Coworking allows like-minded people to come together, share a workspace, network, and help each other’s businesses grow. At Duncan Mill Hive, we have everything you need for a productive work day and to grow your business!

Hive Lite

Need to get out of the house a day or so a week to get some serious work done and meet new people? This membership includes 5 days/month hot desks, all the community perks, free hot beverages, wifi, optional health insurance, free coworking days at various locations and much more!

Most Popular

This is our most popular coworking option for remote workers and entrepreneurs with all the features of the Hive Lite membership, but priovides the use of a hot desk that is accessible 24/7 plus other benefits including two hours of free meeting room time for presentations or discussions.

Ultimate Hive

Have your honey and taste it too or should we say have your own Hive. Get your very own dedicated desk with 24/7 access, lockable filing cabinet and 3 hours of meeting room time/month. Take advantage of all the extras and discounts you would expect with the ultimate membership.

Membership Perks and Benefits 

People first – putting emphasis on the people, their interactions, and the relationships that form above everything else.

Collaborative Community

Our Coworking space offers the unique opportunity for entrepreneurs or remote workers from different industries to come together, collaborate and find new opportunities that they may never have discovered if they were working from home alone. 

Kitchen Facilities

Take a break in our cafe with free coffee and tea for our members. We have a fridge for your lunch and snacks, a microwave, dishes and dishwasher.

Business and Event Promotion

If you’re planning an event or want to promote your business, we’re on board to assist you. We’ll post and share your events and workshops on our social media and web calendars. Your business will be listed on our members page online and our members wall. We also have a Facebook private members group and Slack Channel where you can get to know other members and businesses online!

Discounts With Our Community Partners

Yes, we’re part of the larger community and that’s for your benefit and ours. We’re pleased to pass on these discounts from our partners in the area.

Meeting Spaces

Our boardrooms (seating up to 20 people), video conference room and private offices can be booked during weekdays, evenings or weekends. Need a space to record a webinar or do a podcast? We’ve got you covered.

Weekly Networking Meetings

Brainstorming, connecting with others who may be needing your area of expertise – these are all part of networking at Duncan Mill Hive.

COHIP Health Insurance

With your membership, you are able to purchase Health Insurance. It’s a perk that you don’t have working from home. It’s just an extra sweetness added on.

Free Lunch and Learns Led by our Members

Get the buzz from our members or teach us your area of expertise. We all benefit from networking with one another and learning something new.


When you have your own business, you need to be flexible and for that reason we’ve given you options that work with your business lifestyle.

Other Memberships

Hive Community Membership
Want to join our awesome community, attend member only events and workshops, book our boardroom or private offices online, enjoy some free coworking days throughout the year and enjoy all membership perks? This membership is for you!
$30/month – paid quarterly

Virtual Address
Need a business address? We’ve got you covered. We will accept your mail and packages and notify you when something arrives.
6 month renewable package – $50 per month paid quarterly or $550/year.

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